Why Remove When You Can Relocate?

Transplant your tree in a better location

Is your beautiful tree in a troublesome spot? If your tree is located too close to your home, a neighbor's property, a sidewalk or utility lines, Rodriguez Tree Service can relocate it to a safer location on your property. We'll remove your tree safely with the roots in tact and replant it in a more convenient location.

There's no need to lose a beloved tree due to poor location. Call us now to schedule a tree transplanting appointment. Please note that this service is only available from December to February.

3 reasons why we only transplant trees during winter

3 reasons why we only transplant trees during winter

At Rodriguez Tree Service, we care about your landscape. Successful tree transplanting is a precarious business. If it's not done properly, you can lose a beautiful landscape feature. To ensure your tree's survival, we will only transplant it during winter, when the tree is dormant.

Transplanting out of season can lead to:

  • Root disturbance: Loss of feeder roots cuts off the tree's access to nutrients.
  • Shock: Like other living things, trees go into shock when severely injured.
  • Death: Trees rarely recover from shock and will likely die as a result.

When trees are dormant, they will recover from damage and adapt to the new location easier. To schedule tree transplanting service, call us today.